For over 35 years, physicians and families on Maui have entrusted Hospice Maui with the care of their patients and loved ones. We provide quality, compassionate hospice care to maximize the comfort and dignity of those in their last months or weeks of life, in whatever setting they reside.

We believe that each of us deserves to be cared for by those who understand the emotional and spiritual challenges that dying can bring; that we are each entitled to live our last months, weeks, or days in the setting of our choice, treated according to our beliefs and values.

Unlike other forms of care that focus only on the patient’s physical needs, Hospice Maui also provides emotional and spiritual support for the patient and loved ones, as well as bereavement support for an entire year after the death.


Our team of professionals consists of physicians, nurses, nurse aides, social workers, spiritual care counselors, bereavement counselors, and trained volunteers.

Caring for a dying person can be one of the most physically, emotionally and spiritually challenging things one will ever do. Hospice Maui's team of professional staff are there to ease the stresses of caregiving, and support family members in making the very most of the singular opportunities that caring for a dying loved one can bring.

Call us for answers, compassion and support.

Hospice Maui Staff Retreat 2016



Dr. R. Gregory LaGoy, N.D., M.B.A.
Health Care Administration

Greg LaGoy has been the CEO of Hospice Maui for nearly 30 years. Under his leadership, Hospice Maui has been an inspiration and role model for many other hospice programs for the way it has preserved and perpetuated the highest ideals to which hospice care aspires. He served on the Maui Memorial Medical Center ethics committee for nearly 20 years, and in 2002 received an award as Maui's "Executive Director of the Year". Under his tenure, Hospice Maui has been twice named as one of Hawaii's "Best Places to Work".

Greg LaGoy,  Executive Director
Hospice Maui is one of Hawaii’s original “Legacy Hospice” programs that were formed to meet a community need. While we have grown and evolved during these past four decades, one thing has not changed: Our primary focus is in how we care, and that our care remains unparalleled.
— Greg LaGoy, CEO