wE love the
act of caring

35 years serving the Maui community
with excellence in hospice care


We believe that each of us deserves to be cared for by those who understand the emotional and spiritual challenges that dying can bring; that we are each entitled to live our last months, weeks, or days in the setting of our choice, treated according to our beliefs and values.

Unlike other forms of care that focus only on the patient’s physical needs, Hospice Maui also provides emotional and spiritual support for the patient and their loved ones.

Our mission

To provide professional, ethical, culturally appropriate, and deeply compassionate hospice care to our diverse community.

To provide physical comfort and emotional and spiritual support for people who are terminally ill.

To help people discover the gifts that preparing for the death of a loved one can bring: compassion, insight, courage, humility, inspiration, confidence, and growth.


Our Care center

We love sharing who we are and what we do.  A tour of the Hospice Maui campus can give you a glimpse of the exceptional care and professional service that we provide. 




Providing uncompromising
quality of care
in your home and ours.





We provide quality, compassionate hospice care to maximize the comfort and dignity of those in their last phase of life. Our trained professionals care for people at home, in our Hospice Hale, in nursing homes, or wherever they are living.



Many families have the need for 24-hour care near the end of life of a loved one. Our five bedroom hale provides a homelike residence that offers a beautiful balance between privacy and community living, when dying at home is not an option.



We all grieve differently. Our bereavement services are provided by licensed professional counselors. Free grief support groups are held weekly at our meeting rooms in Wailuku. We are here for you wherever you are in this process.