Every difficult journey seems more manageable when you don’t
have to travel alone. Hospice Maui offers bereavement support as a community service.

Our support services for family members include periodic phone calls, personal letters, specialized newsletters, and group events. 

In addition, we provide weekly grief support groups to the general public, facilitated by licensed professional counselors. 

The HEAL (Helping Ease a Loss) grief support group provides an opportunity
to share experiences and feelings regarding the death of a loved one and to listen to and learn from others. 

Please contact Joyce Lechuga at 808-244-5555 or
email jlechuga@hospicemaui.org

Where: Hospice Maui 400 Mahalani Street in Wailuku
When: Alternating each week, Tue. 3:00pm – 4:30pm or Wed. 6:00pm – 7:30pm (Please see event calendar for specific dates.)


Hospice Maui Bereavement Counselors

  • Evelyn Billington, Ph.D.

  • Rev. Doug Binzak

  • Ilona Briley, M.Ed., RN

  • Michelle Davenport, MA, LMFT

  • Angie Krey, LMFT

  • Joyce Lechuga RN, MS, MFCC

  • Prakash Mackay, MA

  • Karima Morgan, MA

  • Edy Salenger, RN, CHPN

We also offer special grief workshops and support groups, community education and services, and an annual Memorial Day Service. 


We also support and collaborate with Na Keiki O Emalia, a non-profit organization that provides bereavement service for children, teens, and their family members. Please contact them at 808-214-9832 if you seek support for 3-18 year old keiki.


When one experiences the loss of a loved one, it can shatter one’s life and bring pain, confusion and a loss of direction. What was once known is often now unknown.

At Hospice Maui we value and embrace the process of grief and are here to listen, support and provide professional guidance to navigate through grief.
— Joyce Lechuga, Bereavement Counselor