Hospice Maui provides quality, compassionate hospice care to maximize the comfort and dignity of those in their last months and weeks of life, wherever they call home. Highly trained and experienced professionals, including an all RN hospice nursing staff, care for the patient and support the caregivers, and anticipate and address the complex physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that can arise.

Hospice Maui is a Medicare-certified provider of hospice care serving Maui since 1981. The major health insurers in Hawaii, including HMSA, Medicare, Kaiser, and Medicaid, all offer a hospice care benefit. We provide hospice care whether or not there is insurance or the ability to pay. When there is no source of payment, community donations cover the cost of care.



“The beautiful gift that hospice gives to people is time. Time to spend surrounded by loved ones and friends; time to be cared for by the loving people at Hospice Maui; and time for each individual to be treated with genuine dignity.

I am deeply humbled that at Hospice Maui I have the time to provide compassionate care at such a precious moment of a person’s life.”

Dr. Chad Farmer