The Hospice Maui Kokua Fund supports Hospice Maui patients and families who require extra assistance not paid by their insurance. The fund focuses on covering room and board for patients staying in our Hospice Maui Hale or in Hale Makua. It also includes financial help for extra care-giving and specific needs in the patients’ homes.

Room and Board Support

The new Hospice Maui Hale provides a beautiful place for our patients to spend their last days or weeks of life when they can’t be at home. At Hospice Maui Hale, patients receive our specialized compassionate care to meet their medical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs. Most health insurances cover the cost of hospice care based on the patient being at home. Because of this, it usually does not cover the additional room and board costs of staying at Hospice Maui Hale, at Hale Makua, or at any other assisted living facility. The Hospice Maui Kokua Fund helps those who can’t afford to be in those settings but need the specialized care provided there.


Hospice Maui is committed to serve our patients and families in the setting of their choice. Most patients prefer to receive hospice services at home. The reimbursement that we receive from insurers, including Medicare, covers visits by professional staff that can include: nurses, nurse aides, social workers, spiritual care counselors, physicians, and trained volunteers. Sometimes caregiving assistance is needed beyond what family members, friends, and hospice services can provide, and this additional help is not covered by insurance. If hiring a paid caregiver is more than they can afford, the Hospice Maui Kokua Fund can make a big difference in their lives.

Other Specific Needs

The Hospice Maui Kokua Fund also provides financial support for patient specific needs, such as offsetting the cost of higher electric bills due to an oxygen concentrator, or travel assistance for a family member to see the patient for one last time.