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Aloha from the Hospice Maui Staff
Management Staff
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Aloha from the Hospice Maui Staff

For over 30 years Hospice Maui has provided quality, compassionate services for patients and their families needing care and support during the final stages of life. Our team of expert, compassionate professionals is dedicated to maximizing the quality of life, and the comfort and dignity of those who wish to remain in their homes when they are dying.

We believe that each of us deserve to be cared for by those who understand the emotional and spiritual turmoil that dying can bring; that we are each entitled to live our last months/weeks or days in the setting of our choice, treated according to our beliefs and values.

Unlike other forms of care that focus only on the patient’s physical needs, Hospice Maui also provides emotional and spiritual support for the patient and loved ones, as well as bereavement support for an entire year after the death.



Hospice Maui’s Mission

hospice_maui_missionOur Purpose

To enrich our community by helping people make the most of the great gifts that preparing them for death can bring: compassion, insight, courage, humility, inspiration, confidence and growth.

Our Work

Providing physical comfort and emotional and spiritual support for people who are terminally ill. Supporting and assisting their families, before death and while they are grieving.



The word hospice can be traced back to medieval times when it referred to a place of shelter and rest for weary or ill travelers on a long journey.

The History of Hospice Maui

* 1978: Elizabeth Kübler-Ross holds a workshop on Maui and people become inspired to take action.
* 1979: A hospice steering committee meets and as a result Hospice Maui begins to form.
* 1980: The McCoy Foundation gives a startup grant and Hospice Maui's first Executive Director is hired.
* 1981: Hospice Maui incorporates and files for IRS tax exempt status.
* 1986: Hospice Maui's holds its first annual Fourth of July fireworks show as a fundraising event.
* 1988: A donor leaves a six-figure unrestricted gift, which gives Hospice Maui more stability.
* 1989: Maui County grants Hospice Maui a 55-year lease on a vacant, 4-acre lot near Maui Memorial hospital.
* 1990: Hospice Maui's first Executive Director, Charlotte Kuwanoe, leaves and is replaced by Greg LaGoy.
* 1991: The developer of the Kea Lani in Wailea donates its sample suite, which is then moved to Wailuku.
* 1991: Hospice Maui becomes Medicare Certified.
* 1993: We move from the old Maui News quonset hut into the newly donated building.
* 1995: A former volunteer leaves a large bequest, designated for "capital improvement".
* 1998: The process begins that results in the first strategic plan in almost ten years.
* 2000: A new multi-room meeting facility is finished, dedicated, and put into service.
* 2003: An unexpected bequest provides funds for many needed building & landscape improvements.

What does not show up in our neat, bullet-point list, is the legacy of passion, compassion, and caring left by the hearts and hands of those who formed and staffed and volunteered for all these years.

Notable Events In Hospice History

saunders* 1963: Dame Cicely Saunders, the physician who founded St. Christopher's, the first modern hospice, introduces the idea of specialized care for the dying to the United States during a 1963 visit to Yale University.

* 1967: The term hospice is first applied to specialized care for dying patients.

* 1969: Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross' book, On Death And Dying, is published. Kübler-Ross' book, based on more than 500 interviews with dying patients, identifies the five stages through which many terminally ill patients progress. In her book, Kübler-Ross makes a plea for home care as the alternative to treatment in an institutional setting, and argues that patients should have a choice and the ability to participate in the decisions that affect their destiny.

* 1972: Dr. Kübler-Ross testifies at the first national hearings on the subject of death with dignity, which are conducted by the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging.

deathanddying* 1974: Senators Frank Church and Frank E. Moss introduce legislation that would provide federal funds for hospice programs but the legislation was not enacted.

* 1982: Congress includes a provision to create a Medicare hospice benefit in the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982, with a 1986 sunset provision. USPS hospice stamp

* 1986: The Medicare Hospice Benefit is made permanent by Congress and hospices are given a 10% increase in reimbursement rates, making hospice care available to terminally ill nursing home residents.

* 1993: Hospice care is included as a nationally guaranteed benefit under President Clinton's health care reform proposal and becomes an accepted part of the health care continuum.

* 1999: The U.S. Postal Service issues a Hospice Care commemorative stamp.

* 2004: Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross passes away from natural causes.


Management Staff

Eve-Lynn Civerolo Chief Executive Officer - Greg LaGoy, BS ND MBA
Greg began as the Executive Director of Hospice Maui in 1990, about three years after moving here. At that time, he was on the Board of Directors of the Maui chapters of both the American Heart Association and the Mental Health Association. In 2001, he was awarded Maui's Outstanding Executive Director of a Non-Profit, and in 2010, Hospice Maui was recognized as one of Hawaii's Best Places to Work.
Nancy Long Medical Director - Nancy Long, MD
Dr. Long relocated from Rhode Island to join the Hospice Maui team as our full time medical director in 2009. Prior to joining Hospice Maui she was the Medical Director of Hospice of Community Visiting Nursing Agency in Attleboro, Massachusetts and the Associate Medical Director of Home and Hospice Care of Rhode Island.
Ms. Janelle Todd Clinical Director - Ms. Janelle Todd, RN
Janelle graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Nursing with Distinction. Prior to joining Hospice Maui, Janelle worked at the Maui Memorial Medical Center as the Nurse Manager for Oncology, Palliative Care and Tumor Registry Departments.  
Beverly Lundquist
Psychosocial Services Supervisor - Beverly Lundquist, MSW

Beverly joined the Hospice Maui team in 2010. Originally from Ohio, Beverly has lived on Maui for 22 years. Prior to joining Hospice Maui, she had worked for many years as a counselor in private practice and has been a Psychosocial supervisor and consultant for several local Maui agencies.


Cindy Garcia


Luciana Baccarat, RN
Monika Bechert, RN
Joni Connelly, RN, CHPN
Gitti Crespo, RN, CHPN
Cindy Edlao, RN
Kate Ezaki, RN, CHPN
Robin Garrison, RN
Donna Kroetsch, RN, CHPN
Janet Kroger, RN
Kristy Naylor, RN
Kathy Mayne, RN
Padma Murphy, RN
Patinee "Pom" Sukhanenya, RN
Cami Steinshouer, RN
Sandy Viloria, RN
Shannon (Enslow) Cousland, RN


Layla Lyons McCann, MSW
Stacy Haunani Tan, MSW
Zaria Ricossa, MSW


Connie Castillo-Walsh


Eve-Lynn Civerolo, RN, CHPN


Lori Williamson
Meghan Wall, CNA
Laurell Cabuag
Christine King


Wiebke Daniels, MS


Kimberly Carhart, MPH


Angela Domingo


Carrie Anne Campos


Terilyn Ramelb


Tim Shiroma


Ilona Briley
Wendy Tucker, MA


Board of Directors Listing

Hospice MauiHospice Maui Hospice Board President – Scott Crockford

Hospice Board Secretary- Matthew Pietsch

Hospice Board Treasurer - Greg Knue


Dale Bonar
Greg Knue
Rev. Dave Krueger
Rowena Marciel-Enomoto
Donna McCleary
Sherri Reeve
James Whitcomb
Brian Yano
Barry Hyman


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