Hale Ho’olu’olu

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Hospice Maui’s 5 Bedroom Hospice Home

Hospice Maui’s vision is to fill an unmet need in our community, thereby increasing access to hospice care with a facilities expansion that includes the design and construction of both a 5-bed hospice residence and a hospice care coordination center to replace the one we have operated from for nearly 20 years, and which we have outgrown.  The 5-bed hospice residence, which will be available to all residents of Maui County, will be known as “Hale Ho`olu`olu” (“a place for comfort, compassion, and care”).  The State of Hawaii has already awarded this project a Certificate of Need.  It will be a place where patients in their last days or weeks of life will receive our specialized care to meet their medical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.

The Maui Community Need
Since 1981, the team at Hospice Maui has worked to see that the patients who choose hospice care spend their remaining weeks and days of life in as much comfort and dignity as possible, with expert clinical care for the patients and support for their caregivers.  The goal of the Hospice Maui team is to maximize quality of life and minimize suffering, and to maximize the singularly rich opportunities for growth and development that are thrust upon families facing this powerful and transformative part of life.  At present our team can only provide hospice care to those who have a residence, can be made comfortable at home, and have caregiving in place. The “place” where people spend their last days can have a big impact on their and their families’ experience of this time, and while we do serve those in need in assisted living facilities, care homes, and nursing homes, there is currently no “place” on Maui that’s purpose is dedicated to this goal. It is Hospice Maui’s vision to fill this unmet need in our community with a facilities expansion that includes the design and construction of a hospice residence, thereby increasing access to hospice care.

Most terminally ill people wish to spend the last part of their lives in their own homes to the extent possible.  Those, who are unable to stay in their homes, for whatever reason, are faced with choosing to be in a hospital, nursing home, care home, or assisted living facility.  Given the choice, the person who is ill will typically prefer to be in a hospice residence. 

Hospitalization is about $1,500 per day, without diagnostic procedures, interventions, or medications. When those costs are factored in, the expense is much higher.  On the other hand, full hospice care in our 5-bed hospice residence, with room and board, costs less than a third of that.  A hospice care facility on Maui would increase access to appropriate end-of-life care, as well as conserve resources that can be better used otherwise. We are also designing and building a larger Hospice Care Coordination Centere from which our team will coordinate the hospice care and services for residents of Maui, as our current office is a “temporary building” that is far too small for even our current, rapidly expanding operations.

For more information on this project you may contact Hospice Maui’s Chief Executive Officer, Gregory LaGoy at (808) 244-5555 or email him at Hospice1@Maui.net.


Hale Ho’olu’olu

Hospice Maui’s 5 Bedroom Hospice Home

Donor Recognition Sculpture & Facility Naming Opportunities:


For gifts designated to the Hale Ho’olu’olu Facilities Expansion Project, Donors who have given $2,500 or more will be permanently recognized in our Butterfly Recognition Sculpture that will be prominently displayed within our new 5-bedroom hospice home, Hale Ho’olu’olu. Donors at this level will also be recognized on our permanent Wall of Tribute within the new Hospice Care Coordination Center.


You can help us fulfill our promise and at the same time forever honor your own loved ones by way of a commemorative naming opportunity at Hospice Maui’s 5-bedroom hospice home, Hale Ho’olu’olu.


Hospice Care Coordination Center Naming Opportunities


Care Coordination Center


Offices & Meeting Rooms




Hale Ho’olu’olu 5 Bedroom Home Naming Opportunities


Hale Ho’olu’olu Building


Hale Bedroom (5)


Meditation (Quiet) Room


Family Room


Kitchen / Dining Area




*these opportunities are for cash gifts directed to Hale Ho’olu’olu


Hospice Maui Facilities Expansion
Project Update 2013

In early 2012 Hospice Maui’s Board of Directors gave careful consideration to the impact of substantial reductions in health insurers’ payments to hospices for facility-based hospice care.  In response, the vision for Hale Ho’olu’olu, our hospice facility, shifted from a 12-bed, 13,000 s.f. high-acuity type of hospice facility, to a home-like 5-bed, 3,000 s.f. residence.  We have changed our design to allow us to both meet Maui’s need for residential hospice care and the increased need to operate efficiently in these financially challenging times.

Floorplan Facilities Overview Floorplan

The 5-bed “hospice house” has a more open design that will foster an improved experience for all. We will also be able to provide this important service in a more fiscally conservative manner, consistent with the values and sensibilities of the Maui community.  This shift has no impact on our need for more office space, which remains an important part of this project. 

The silver lining is that this change will allow us to move forward on the project sooner and enable us to be in operation serving people in need sooner. It is also important to note that our new design will allow us the option of expanding or building a second 5-bed facility on our site in the future.


Our Fundraising Progress:  
Goal: $3, 500,000.00
Donations & Pledges made to date: $1, 669,492.00
Remaining Funds to be raised:  $1, 869,492.00


The best news is that we have reached a point in our fundraising that will allow us to begin construction on the project while we continue to raise the remaining funds for this important community project.  The design for Hale Ho’olu’olu is complete and the project building permit application has been submitted to the County of Maui. We Anticipate having approved building permits by September 1st, 2013.

For more information on this project you may contact Hospice Maui’s Chief Executive Officer, Gregory LaGoy at (808) 244-5555 or email him at Hospice1@Maui.net.


Hospice Maui Facility Expansion

Project Budget

Hospice Care Coordination Center Project


Site preparation grading work for parking and driveway


Paving for parking and driveway (on new lot)


Water/Electrical/Phone service hookups


Connection to sewer system already being installed for hospice house


Architectural & Engineering Design fees


Building Construction (4,500 s.f. @ $300/s.f.)








5 Bedroom Hospice Hale


Architectural & Engineering Design fees, incl. Environmental Assessment


Hospice House construction (4500 s.f. @ $300/sf)


Equipment & Furnishings


Landscaping, sidewalks


Driveway and parking lot changes


Utility Infrastructure (Water, Septic, Electrical)





5% Contingency


Fundraising Costs




Grand Total



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